Quiz Results

Part 1


  1. Give yourself 1 point for remembering the exact date (Date, day of week, month, season and year) (1 point)
  2. Did you remember the three words (apple, table, penny) asked in question 16? Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer (3 points)
  3. If the difference between your guessed time and the correct time is less than 30 minutes, give yourself 1 point.
  4. Give yourself 1 point for each president named correctly. (5 points): Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan. The order in which you remembered them is not important. (Just the last names are fine, so two "Bush" answers is ok.)
  5. Give yourself a point for each correct answer (total 8 points)
    • 5. Abacus (1 point)
    • 5b. Acorn (1 point)
    • 5c. Escalator (1 point)
    • 5d. Igloo (1 point)
    • 5e. Pencil (1 point)
    • 5f. Protractor (1 point)
    • 5g. Pyramid (1 point)
    • 5h. Watch (1 point)

Part 2


Question 6: 1 point for remembering your last address.

Questions (7-14): Give yourself 1 point each for every question answered "No".


Note that poor scores may be due to factors such as anxiety and inattention and not just from memory difficulties. Doing well on this simple quiz also does not ensure that you have no memory or cognitive difficulties.

The best indicator of your memory is your own assessment of your abilities. A perceived consistent change in your mental capacity is a far more sensitive indicator of cognitive difficulties than most tests, including this one. You should seek further help if this is the case.

If you scored a 27 or 28, congratulations!

If you scored between 22 and 26, you may have some memory difficulties that, if persistent and interfering with function, may need to be evaluated.

If you scored 21 or below, and you have noticed that you have difficulty with your memory or thinking abilities of sufficient severity to interfere with functioning, you probably would benefit from a good evaluation.